Full Auto Folding Type Face Mask Production Line

Production process:
1. Multireel media feeding (can custom spare feeding roller)
2. Built-in nose bridge strip
3. Edge sealing and welding
4. Sticking sponge strip
5. Spraying code (leave blank in the position, customer can select)
6. Welding ear loop (both round and flat loop can be produced)
8. Folding the mask
9. Sealing and welding the edge after fold
10. Alignment fine-tuning
11. Ear loop blowing up
12. Rolling the cutter

Machine size: 9650mm*2140mm*1500mm
Ear loop length: 130mm+20mm
Media Width:260mm
Product welding teeth and cutting position deviation +1mm
Tolerance of nose bridge strip length: +2.5mm (The nose bridge strip is 5mm*0.7mm, plastic with built-in iron wire)
Production capacity: 30-50pcs/min

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